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Captains and Royal Knights


Commanders and Knights




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Shop prices will change periodically.


:bulletgreen: Celestberry
5 stellites || 10 stock
[Replenishes health and heals small wounds. Consumable.]

:bulletgreen: Spider silk
6 stellites || 10 stock
[Heals any kind of poison. Consumable]

:bulletgreen: Egg
50 stellites || 1 stock
[Questionable egg....]

:bulletgreen: Card album
15 stellites || 10 stock
[Moves all cards in character's inventory into its own category to save inventory slots. Can hold up to 100 cards.]

:bulletgreen: Standard shovel
15 stellites || 10 stock
[Used for mining. Max depth 5m, cool down time 30min.]

:bulletgreen: Standard pick axe
25 stellites || 10 stock
[Used for mining. Max depth 8m, cool down time 15min.]

:bulletgreen: Standard drill
50 stellites || 5 stock
[Used for mining. Max depth 5m, cool down time 10min.]

:bulletgreen: Large pack
60 stellites || 8 stock
[Adds in 10 extra spaces to your inventory.]
[Limit of 3 per person.]

:bulletgreen: Work permit or apprenticeship
[Click for further details.]

Stat Boost

:bulletred: Opal starite
40 stellites || 0 stock
[Level up, +10 stats]

:bulletred: Crystal starite
80 stellites || 3 stock
Level 5 Required to be Eligible
[+1 normal skill, same element]

:bulletred: Diamond starite
120 stellites || 3 stock
Level 10 Required to be Eligible
[+1 special skill, same element]

:bulletred: Sapphire starite
100 stellites || 5 stock
[Stat reset. Redistribute all your current points into different stats.]

:bulletred: Black starite
60 stellites || 3 stock
[Infuses an item with +10 of one stat.]
[Non stackable, non adjustable after deciding which stat.]


:bulletblue: Repair
2 stellites
[100% weapon repair, no need to roll dice.]

:bulletblue: Blade forge
60 stellites
[+1 additional weapon]

:bulletblue: Imbue
50 stellites
[100% chance to imbue a weapon with one of the four primary elements.]
[Cannot be undone]

:bulletblue: Element alignment
XX stellites
[Add an additional element on top of your character's primary.]
[Restricted to ?? per user]


:bulletblack: Reincarnation || 700 stellites
[+1 self character to the group]
[Restricted to 1 player each. Requires current character to have 8000 EXP.]

Erius Knights

:bulletpurple: Pet dragon collar
25 stellites || 2 stock
[+1 vit]


:bulletpurple: Aider
XX stellites || 0 stock
[A small android that assists in terrain, monster stats analyzing, and/or battle. Replaces vessel. +20 stats]
[Only obtainable upon reaching Lieutenant rank.]

:bulletpurple: Tune up
25 stellites
[+5 spd to vessel]


:bulletyellow: Open a bank account
40 stellites
[Please read details here.]

:bulletyellow: Extra storage space
20 stellites
[Adds 10 more slots into your storage.]

:bulletyellow: Deposit/withdraw items/stellites
[You may either comment below or inform a moderator in chat for this action.]

You may only buy one item with a stock limit every five hours.
Comment below, inventory will be updated whenever.

Don't freak out if we don't update immediately, it might take us a couple of days to get around to it.

Some items come with restrictions, we will tell you this and allow for a refund if we neglect to mention prior.

Still, pay attention to the other comments, your question may have already been answered.

If it has been answered and you didn't take it upon yourself to check, we will not refund.
Consequently, we do not do refund or exchanges, so think things through before you buy.

NPC art and animation by TAKESHl,yukihomu
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